Street Fighter II (Super NES) – Balrog

Balrog playthrough

In Brazil, a pirated version of Street Fighter II was released in 1993. Its main change is the ability to play as the four bosses of the game, who are unplayable in WW but playable in all other follow-up of Street Fighter 2. Attempting to play as Balrog with a cheating device in the original game will cause glitches and freeze the game. In the hack, the author mapped the bosses’ move to regular character.

Balrog (Known as M.Bison in Japan) is the first boss the player face in the game. He represents the Boxing world in Street Fighter and is mostly known for his powerful punches. All his kick move is punches, a trait he has kept in every other game he has appeared.

Unique to the hack, Balrog is a motion character, but in every other game, he is a charge character with a three punch and three kick moves. In the SNES port, he has his Dashing Uppercut and his Turn Around Punch. His six air punch is the same moves, but its collision boxes are different. He also has a few close punch, 2 fierce one and a medium crouched punch. In WW, he doesn’t have the ability to grab or to knockdown his opponent (unless hit in the air).

True to his boss nature, he is broken. Simply spamming the Dashing Uppercut (even if the opponent block) will result in a stunlock that will eventually defeat him. He also has a combo involving 2 crouched punches followed by a Dash Uppercut. Lastly, he has an excellent anti-air punch that can be used with his Dashing uppercut.

His Turn Around Punch, however, is kind of useless because it causes Balrog to wait for a few seconds before launching, doing the same damage as a throw without special property. The ability to deliver stronger Turn Around Punch (by holding three punches or three kicks for a long time) wasn’t present on WW.

All four bosses don’t have ending in WW. Beating the game will them will cause a glitched screen to display for a few seconds and will continue to the credit sequence. In some version of the hack, it will crash the game instead, requiring a reset.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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