Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Super NES) – Reptile

Developper : Avalanche Software

Publisher : Williams Entertainment

Year : 1996

Type : Character playthrough

Reptile playthrough

While absent in MK3, Reptile was reintroduced in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, wearing the same kind of outfit as the other ninja, but green like the previous game.

Reptile has many special moves in order to be versatile. He performs his Acid Spit and his Force Ball move faster than in MK2. With his Force Ball technique, he can choose to throw a faster or a slower one. He also keeps Sub-Zero’s slide in his arsenal and can turn invisible as well when needed. Lastly, he has his move introduced in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 which consist to run very fast past his opponent. If not blocked, he will elbow his opponent from behind. However, even if the opponent let him run on the other side, he can still block the elbow attempt.

Reptile is all about timing. Even though combining his move can create long combo potential, the CPU will often try to counter any attempt. His best bet is to wait for his opponent to jump toward him or to perform his move far away from them. His Reverse Elbow technique can also be used after a combo in other to quickly get on the other side and juggle the opponent. His invisibility technique is useless against the CPU, because there is no difference between visibility and invisibility for them. His combo is also powerful and can be used with his projectile.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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