Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Super NES) – Cyrax

Cyrax playthrough

Cyrax stays mostly the same as in MK3, while gaining advantage of using combo started from the air combo.

Cyrax is armed with a green laser web as well as bombs. His main strategic is to throw bombs around the arena and lure his opponent on them in order to perform a huge combo that can easily tear his opponent’s life bar. His green net is also hard to avoid, even in the air (you have to perform your jump earlier than normally to avoid it). Finally, he has the ability to either teleport or use his air throw move at the right time.

The main strategic against the CPU is to wait for them to be idle (in the sense that they don’t move until you move) and throw a bomb to perform juggles, ending with a green net. Air throw can also be used in strategic way, such as during Smoke’s uppercut.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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