Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Super NES) – Randper Kombat

Randper Kombat Playthrough

In the Super NES port (as well as the Sega Genesis), it is possible to activate a secret cheat that allows you to change character on the fly during the fight. In the former case, it is accessed in the secret Scotts Menu and is called Switcheroo. It is also accessible in a versus game by inputting the following Kombat code: 460460.

When activated, it will cause both players to change to random character during the fight. It is possible to become any of the playable cast, including Human Smoke, but not Motaro or Shao Khan. Player 2 or the CPU will always have the palette for the second player, regardless of the character that Player 1 has. Since you change character on the fly, it is possible to chain combo from one to another. You can’t change character during the Finish Him/Her prompt, however.

After winning a match, you will start the next match with the character you were at the end of the previous match. The Randper Kombat cheat is disabled on the CPU side during Motaro and Shao Khan. However, the player will still change character.

The ending is determined by the character who lands the final blow against Shao Khan.

This cheat is notable to be the only way to fight a CPU controlled Human Smoke, as it is not possible to fight him outside of a second player control.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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