Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Super NES) – Ermac

Ermac playthrough

Ultimate Mortal Kombat marks the first official appearance of Ermac, the red ninja. While he was rumoured to be in, MK1 and MK2 (as a glitch that cause Scorpion outfit to turn red and the name to Error Macro), this rumour was proven to be false. In the original arcade version, he was a locked character (but could be unlocked and made playable with a kombat code). In the Super NES port, he is playable without requirements. He has his own moveset but only have a Fatality (no second Fatality or Friendship). However, he has the same universal fatalities (Babality, Stage Fatality and Brutality) than the other character).

Ermac has only a few special moves, but their combination can prove to be deadly. He has his Mind Lift move that will levitate his opponent and slam him on the ground, causing a bounce for juggling opportunities. His Green Blast Projectile has a slight delay but is bigger than another projectile. Lastly, his Teleport Punch causes him to vanish in fire and appear on the other side. Like Scorpion and Human Smoke, he can perform while airborne too. He has a few combos, but his most damaging one are complicated to execute properly. His small two hit combo, however, has a lot of potential since it launches the opponent in the air.

Against the CPU, Ermac can abuse the same tactic as Scorpion and H. Smoke. If you perform a kick while jumping backward, the CPU will, most of the time, answer with a projectile. However, since you can perform the Teleport Punch in the air, you will always hit him from the other side of the screen. Since there is a small delay before his opponent can recover from the move, he can perform his Mind Lift and juggle his opponent. To repeat this pattern in a loop, he can throw a Green Blast as soon as the CPU is about to get up and immediately perform a Teleport Punch to hit him. Beside this strategy, Ermac can use his launcher combo and combine it with any of his three-special move for more combo possibilities.

As a side note, Ermac’s projectile is identical to Shao Khan’s, but it is not as powerful.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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