Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Super NES) – Liu Kang

Liu Kang playthrough

Liu Kang stays mostly the same as in MK3, while gaining advantage of using combo started from the air combo. He is not a secret character anymore and can be chosen in the character selection screen.

Liu Kang High Fireball is a great way to punch the opponent away, but his a little slow. However, his Low Fireball is more useful, countering almost every projectile in the game forcing the opponent to jump to avoid any kind of damage. His Flying Kick, being fast, is ideal to get an opponent in the air. His infamous Bicycle Kick can be used to catch an opponent off-guard, since it will go through most normal move if the opponent performs his move around the same time. Each kick move is a great combo ender, especially the latter that allow more hit to be done after it.

Liu Kang can be versatile against the CPU. He has 2 devastating combos, as well as 2 variation of the second one. One of them launch the opponent, allowing him to use a variety of moves to do juggles. His second is very powerful (especially if started from a jump punch or neutral kick) and will throw the opponent as far as possible from Kang. Low Fireball will catch any CPU attempting to throw a projectile, and will mostly catch them as well when they are about to get up.

As a side note, Liu Kang is plagued with a bug. If he successfully performs his launch combo, every move following it will deal a quarter of the original damage until the round is over. This combo is best used toward the end of the match to avoid as much as possible the lowered damage.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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