Fighter’s History (Super NES) – Matlok

The Super NES port of Fighter’s History was developed and published by Data East for the North American and Japanese Market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Data East and released in 1993.

Matlok playthrough

Matlok Jade is the fourth playable character. He is a guitarist from England that wish to create the bst punk rock in the world. He is also highly acrobatic, combining all his technique into a Martial Arts named after his music style. He heard a rumour about the tournament host, the mythical “K”, having a legendary bass in his fault. This instrument is said to allow the user to play any songs he wants. In addition, he wishes to get the prize money to fulfill his ultimate goal.

Matlok is a charge character. He uses his acrobatic and dancing skills to fight. His Overhead Kick is his kick technique to rush toward his opponent. His Road Hurricane special move is his anti-air, going upward to hit his opponent. His Spinning Wave is his projectile.

He is also having two unique basic moves. He is able, while in the air, to perform a Head Press. If successful, he will bounce backward, but he will be able to perform another air move. He can also perform the Hop Spear, punching with his both hand toward the air, being another of his anti-air move.

Against the CPU, Matlok has many tricks. Unfortunately, all of his special moves are risky to use in most situations because of their slow recovery, allowing to CPU to strike right after even the hit was successful. His Road Hurricane technique has to hit at least twice to knock the opponent down, allowing Matlok to escape a counter. The best strategy is to use his fast basic move to perform combos. He has great priority in the air and his Head Press is very useful. He can also use his Spinning Wave to successfully hit his opponent as soon as he gets up from a knockdown.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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